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  • A Sampling of Mobile Oaks Tucked Away in Historic Neighborhoods from Downtown to Midtown
    Historic preservation is not just about buildings. It’s about preserving the culture of a place, both the natural and built environment. Mobile’s treescape is a bit part of the city’s historical ambiance. Don’t overlook these living historical monuments.
  • Ryan Place
    Where Spring Hill Avenue and Bayou St. intersect was once the home of the Cain family, where Joe Cain grew up. By the early twentieth century however this area had become a public park. In late 1904 a campaign was begun in Mobile to raise funds for a memorial to Father Abram Joseph Ryan, known as the “Poet-Priest of the Confederacy,” who served as chaplain during the war but was renowned for his poetic verse and empathy to the Southern cause. “Father Ryan,” as he was known had traveled widely but lived and worked in Mobile from 1870 – 1883, […]
  • The Emotional Component in Placemaking
    Our attachment to a place is bound up in memories, identity and commitment. When creating urban spaces intended to encourage unity and interaction, it helps to remember the important factor of emotional attachment. Communities are strengthened when there are places for people to gather on a regular basis, where there is comfortable interaction amidst diversity. These experiences ultimately contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous society. Creating places which serve this function are more successful when meaningful dialogue and collaboration from within the community lead the way. When places grown organically from the priorities of citizens, they reflect an inherent […]
  • 10 Views of the Bellingrath- Morse Memorial in Magnolia Cemetery
  • The Little Colt of Spanish Plaza and Wayne McRae, Urban Hero
  • 6 Angels of Magnolia Cemetery
    #MC1005 Victory Over Death, 2020
  • Stories and Places : James Gallier in Mobile
    After designing Barton Academy and Government Street Presbyterian Church, in collaboration with the Dakin Brothers, in Mobile, James Gallier, Sr. became prominent and influential architect in New Orleans and is most often associated with his work there. But here are a couple of interesting tidbits which show what a significant impact Mobile actually had in his life. This excerpt from his autobiography describes a contest held by the City of Mobile inviting architects to submit plans for a city hall in the center of Bienville Square. It was never built of course but he goes on to describe winning this […]
  • 8 Sunsets in MOBILE
  • 8 Full Moons Over Mobile